I was surprised to find Roots, a store filled with warm, winter clothes, on Abbott Kinney Blvd, in Venice, California, but maybe January will bring some colder weather (its currently high 70s in LA right now). However, the clothes worked perfect for me when visiting family in Chicago for the holidays, as the Canadians really … More Roots

Dana Blair Designs

On Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice, California, there is an open gap in between the lined stores where small booths of handcrafted jewelry pop up every day. The booth that caught my eye right away was displaying jewelry by the designer Dana Blair, and nothing is more handcrafted than the designer creating the jewelry right … More Dana Blair Designs

The Beverly Hilton

Any hotel that advertises the time Angelina Jolie jumped into their pool after winning a Golden Globe is a hotel I want to check out. The Beverly Hilton is most known for all of the events they hold throughout the year, more so than being known for the actual hotel. They host events from the … More The Beverly Hilton


Based on the advertisements for this film, and since the last Pixar film I saw, Inside Out, is now one of my favorite Pixar films, I did not have great expectations for Coco, but Pixar proved me wrong and I really loved this film. Similar to most Pixar films, Coco is beautifully animated, sweet, funny … More Coco

Disneyland App

During this last time that I purchased a ticket for Disneyland online, I noticed an upgrade option labeled the Disney MaxPass. I am unsure of how long they have offered the MaxPass option, which basically allows you to reserve a FastPass on your phone for $10 a person, but this was the first time I … More Disneyland App

Festival of Holidays at Disney California Adventure Park

Around this time every year all of the theme parks realize how much people love celebrating the holidays and they think of ways to get you back into their park. I have visited Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park a few times now and I was not fully convinced buying a full price ticket just … More Festival of Holidays at Disney California Adventure Park