The Garland

Universal Studios Hollywood has a few hotels that they promote to visitors, but there is no official Universal Studio hotels(unlike Disneyland), but the Garland hotel definitely has a resort feel. The Garland hotel is not right up against Universal Studios Hollywood, and I would not suggest walking between the two locations since there is a … More The Garland


You Should See the Film Colossal: If you are looking for a film mixed between an Indie film and a hint of a big budget SciFi/Thriller(it sounds like an interesting combination but it somehow works) Just for Anne Hathaway’s strong leading performance. Anne Hathaway definitely has a wide acting range and this is another new … More Colossal


You Should See The Film Life: If you would enjoy space horror films. Life is set on a spaceship, in space, with a space crew in fear of a space creature. If you can handle space gore. Even though it is classified as a horror film, I would really consider it more of a thriller … More Life

Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory always seems to be placed in the top ten(and a lot of times first!) on multiple lists of things to do in Los Angeles, California. Many travelers, blogs, publications, magazines, and websites seem to think Griffith Observatory should be a stop you make during your time in southern California. Things To Know About … More Griffith Observatory

Salt & Straw

  While Salt & Straw is originally based in Portland, Oregon, it really fits in with the LA foodie crowd. There are currently four locations in Portland, five locations in Los Angeles, and “coming soon” locations in San Francisco. Salt & Straw is primarily a gourmet ice cream shop. I definitely think the ice cream … More Salt & Straw

LA’s Arts District

When driving around the Arts District you will go from one street that looks sad and abandoned to a street filled with new apartment buildings and young families. The area is in a sort of restoration period. This can be seen throughout downtown LA as a whole, from abandoned old buildings, to the growing financial … More LA’s Arts District

Greystone Mansion

  Things To Know About The Greystone Mansion: The Greystone Mansion is a beautiful estate situated in Beverly Hills, California. The interior mansion itself is usually off limits to the public, but the exterior and the grounds are free of charge and open daily. The grounds, and interior of the mansion, are available for weddings … More Greystone Mansion