The Founder

You should see the film The Founder: If you have ever looked at a McDonald’s restaurant and thought, “I bet McDonald’s has a compelling back story” (it does) If you like films based on a true story (I was surprised I had not heard more about McDonald’s’ backstory until seeing this film) If you are … More The Founder

La La Land

You have probably already heard all about La La Land, how it is a front-runner for award season, and that people are running to see the film. Well here is my reasons for why you might see La La Land. You should see La La Land: If you enjoy musicals because, you know, it’s a … More La La Land

Arclight Cinemas

One of my favorite things to do is to go to the movies. I will watch a movie mostly anywhere and mostly on anything, but nothing beats seeing a film on the big screen. With movie theater tickets being so expensive these days, you at least expect to get your money’s worth for the experience. … More Arclight Cinemas