You Should See the Film Colossal: If you are looking for a film mixed between an Indie film and a hint of a big budget SciFi/Thriller(it sounds like an interesting combination but it somehow works) Just for Anne Hathaway’s strong leading performance. Anne Hathaway definitely has a wide acting range and this is another new … More Colossal


You Should See The Film Life: If you would enjoy space horror films. Life is set on a spaceship, in space, with a space crew in fear of a space creature. If you can handle space gore. Even though it is classified as a horror film, I would really consider it more of a thriller … More Life

The Founder

You should see the film The Founder: If you have ever looked at a McDonald’s restaurant and thought, “I bet McDonald’s has a compelling back story” (it does) If you like films based on a true story (I was surprised I had not heard more about McDonald’s’ backstory until seeing this film) If you are … More The Founder

La La Land

You have probably already heard all about La La Land, how it is a front-runner for award season, and that people are running to see the film. Well here is my reasons for why you might see La La Land. You should see La La Land: If you enjoy musicals because, you know, it’s a … More La La Land

Bad Moms

Starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, and Christina Applegate, the film Bad Moms was much better and funnier than I expected. You Should See Bad Moms: For relatable parent humor(Obviously it is mostly relatable to moms but as a female without children I still found the movie to be hilarious and there were a … More Bad Moms


You Should See The Movie Deadpool: If you are tired of the same old superhero movie mold If you enjoy self-aware films. From the very first scene with the opening credits, Deadpool addresses the rise of the superhero genre and continues to play on it for the rest of the film. Although it is Marvel, … More Deadpool