Chicago q

  While Chicago is not usually know for its barbecue scene, Chicago q is definitely a step in the right direction. Chicago q is headed by Chef Art Smith who has an impressive bio. Smith heads several popular restaurants in the United States and has cooked for many celebrities, most notably as Oprah Winfrey’s personal … More Chicago q

Portillo’s Restaurant

Known for their popular Cake Shake, Portillo’s is a classic Chicago-area favorite. You can find a few Portillo’s restaurants outside of Chicago, including two in California and Arizona, and one location in Wisconsin and Indiana. However there are forty Portillo’s restaurants in Illinois and it has become a neighborhood classic for those living in the … More Portillo’s Restaurant

Seaport Village

  Seaport Village was not originally scheduled into my San Diego itinerary, but I am glad I made a detour as it ended up being one of my favorite stops on the trip. Things To Know About Seaport Village: Seaport Village is about ten minutes away from the Gaslamp Quarter, about fifteen minutes from the … More Seaport Village

The Gaslamp Quarter

The Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego was on my list before I even set foot in the city, however I was a little disappointed after visiting. The Gaslamp Quarter is a section in the downtown area of San Diego, near the marina, San Diego Convention Center, and across from Coronado. It is described as a … More The Gaslamp Quarter

Malibu Farm Restaurant

  Located in Malibu, California, with a laid-back atmosphere and a unique and locally grown menu, Malibu Farm Restaurant represents southern California well. My favorite part about the restaurant is the location. I sat under an umbrella, listened to the waves, looked out at the Pacific ocean, and drank one of the best iced lattes I … More Malibu Farm Restaurant

Snow Monster

I stumbled upon Snow Monster, a dessert shop, while visiting Long Beach. This specific Snow Monster, pictured in the photos below, is located on 2nd street, also known as Belmont Shore(which refers to a cluster of restaurants, bars, and shops in Long Beach). There was no sign outside indicating what the shop was, and I … More Snow Monster

Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table, a Netflix original docuseries, follows six different world-renown chefs. From Los Angeles to Sweden, each episode travels to various places around the world to learn the chef’s backstory and to peek inside their successful restaurant. I really hope they continue the series and I highly recommend watching it on Netflix. You Should Watch … More Chef’s Table


What is more Chicago than The Bears football team? Well probably a Chicago steakhouse dedicated to the adored Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka. Ditka’s is an interesting combination of upscale steakhouse and sports bar. Although I know the restaurant is owned and named after a football player and coach, I was not expecting Ditka’s to … More Ditka’s

The Ivy

Once known as a celebrity hot spot(as some claim since it is becoming “too popular” some celebrities are dining elsewhere) The Ivy restaurant has an LA chic vibe with lavish cuisine. I found it interesting that it is considered an upscale restaurant and has such pricey food, yet their decor and style sort of contradicts … More The Ivy