Welcome to ChloePow.com. When I started this site a few years ago I was not quite sure what I wanted it to be about, so I just named it after myself. At the time I just wanted a scrapbook from moments in my life. The more I wrote about my experiences, the more I wanted to create new experiences. Now it balances between a reminder to enjoy the little things in life (a good book, a new movie, or a favorite restaurant) while aiming for the bucket list items you work towards in life. With all things, I try to stay honest, because some things end up not being worth the hype, but it does not mean I regret at least trying it. Overall this site has become a weekly checkup on what I tried out that week and what I experienced, because you should make every week in life count. So, welcome to ChloePow.com. A site all about life’s experiences, including books, travel, beauty, movies, and everything else in-between. All shared with sincerity and a good sense of humor.